Includes my Level One course in Chart Reading Fundamentals, and you'll be joining the live Level Two cohort as they learn planets, aspects, and more. (Don't worry about catching up with Level Two—the classes are online and you have lifetime access, so you learn at your own pace.)

This comprehensive online course includes lifetime access to lessons covering:

  • Signs, elements, modalities
  • Understanding the architecture of the birth chart
  • Rulerships and dispositors
  • The nodes of the moon
  • The ruler of the south node
  • Planets, including Chiron
  • Moon phases
  • Venus star points
  • The aspects
  • Intro to relationship astrology
  • Chart reading practice /synthesis exercises
  • Advice on building a practice

Hi, I’m Alice

I'll be your teacher as you not only learn astrology, but become an astrologer. I've loved astrology ever since I read my first horoscope, and I've trained with true astrological luminaries to gain the skills I've used to build a thriving practice. I would love to help you on your path to learning to read charts with thoughtfulness, accuracy, and skill!

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